This blog has been inactive for a while. COVID threw a spanner into a lot of the things that we were working on, and over the various lockdowns members started to pursue other projects. But, while the London group of the Anarchist Federation has been quiet, we have not been dormant over the last year and we have been working on a few things that those of you following us on Facebook may have noticed.

The first of these is helping to get the Dalston Solidarity Cafe up and running. This project grew out of a series of open meetings we held to work out what anarchists would like to do post-lockdown. Mutual aid turned out to be an idea that a lot of people liked, so along with independent radicals who got involved with those meetings we decided to try and organise a free cafe as a basis for getting involved in the local community and building other projects off of.

Practically speaking, the solidarity cafe is a monthly pay-what-you-want cafe that also features talks and workshops, organised via open assemblies which anyone interested is welcome to participate in. If we can get the interest and help, we would like to run the cafe more than once a month, and use it as a hub to run other community-facing mutual aid projects.

The cafe currently runs 2pm to 8pm, every second Saturday of the month at Halk Evi Kurdish Community Centre, 31-33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF, with an open assembly to organise the Thursday before the cafe. For more details the Facebook page for the cafe is here.

The second project we have been working on is restarting the reading group, and as of this month it is up and running again. The reading group is back at Decentre, 7pm, above Freedom Bookshop, 84B Whitechapel High St, London, E1 7QX. The exact dates have no settled yet, but keep an eye on our Facebook page for the events.

We have also been trying our hand at some pamphlet making. We made some short pamphlets of a pair of articles our Bristol comrades produced in the wake of the Bristol Kill The Bill protests; Seven Lies Police Have Told You and What Actually Happened In Bristol, both responses to the pro-cop/anti-protest narrative the media always spins after these events. We also translated and made some beefier pamphlets about the history and theory behind the Anarchist Federation of Gran Canaria (site in Spanish); The History of the FAGC and Street Anarchy. Shoot us an email if you would like the files to these so you can print your own.

Lastly, we are shaking the dust off our various social media accounts so we can spread the word about what we are doing and give people various ways to follow our events and get in contact with us. For those who want to avoid Facebook, we will try to keep this blog updated from now on, with posts on individual events to follow. We have also got our Twitter working again through what this admin understands was some kind of dark magic, follow us @AfedLondon.

We are not the only group getting back on its feet after a COVID imposed slow period. The London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) are still active for those interested in broad-base anti-fascism, and the London branch of the Solidarity Federation has recently reformed for anyone interested in anarchist workplace and community organising. Anyone who might be interested in what we are up to should check out these groups.

It’s good to be back, stay safe and smash the state!

Source: Awsm.nz