May 17, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a report, stating what we ordinary people have known for yours. The report states that working long hours kills. The figures from the report are shocking, it states that during 2016 745,000 people died from stroke and heart disease due to working long hours. It also states that if you work 55 hours or more a week you are 35% more likely to suffer a stroke than someone working 35-40 hours a week, and 17% more likely to die from heart disease. So all that pressure by your boss to put in extra hours is more or less condemning you to an early grave, in the pursuit of profit, for that boss.


       It also appears the pandemic and working from home with zoom etc. is increasing the working hours of lots of people. The report states that when a country goes into lockdown there seems to be approximately a 10% increase in the hours worked. Another of their findings is that long hours is estimated to be responsible for about one third of all work related disease, So long working hours is the largest occupational cause of disease. Despite this, being killed by working long hours, the number of people working long hours globally is increasing at approximately 9%. It is all done in honour of profit and their boss, they are accelerating their pace to an early grave.


       Do you think this WHO report will cause employers to stop and think, “How can I reduce my employees long hours and improve their longevity and quality of life, without cutting their income.” I think not, it is up to us all to put the value of our life above the greed of our employer. Stretch out your life, cut short your working hours.