February 15, 2021
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The ”new Democratic” regime under Biden has announced it will continue its terrorist sanctions and blockade against Venezuela. Thus thousands more will die for lack of basic foods and medicines, while all suffer severe poverty for the ‘crime’ of living an a State Socialist country.

But despite hardship and a repressive police state most Venezuelans survive, due to social solidarity, cheap or free health, education and housing (when available due to the blockade) and a genuine bottom up movement of large production and consumption Communes, hardly ever mentioned in western reporting.

So you may never have heard of the continuing social experiment of the Venezuelan communes. And also rarely mentioned is the new Constituent Communal Parliament, formed with the aim of bringing direct democracy, giving a real voice to every section of the population, and thrashing out proposals of new laws and social initiatives of all kinds.

Last week the president of Venezuela, NicolĂĄs Maduro, handed over to the original National Assembly the laws from the Communal Parliament and that of Communal Cities, prepared by the popular power for study and debate.

Venezuelans Celebrate Day of Indigenous Resistance | Venezuela

The National Assembly is now finally controlled by the governing socialist party which took control of Venezuela’s congress, the last national institution the opposition had held. Maduro’s party swept legislative polls last month which the opposition boycotted, the EU refused to send observers but finally have stopped referring to the self proclaimed US sponsored Guaido as ”President”.

«I make official delivery to the president of the National Assembly (Jorge RodrĂ­guez) and to the vice president of the communal power commission (Blanca Eekhout) of the law of communal parliament and of the law of communal cities elaborated by the bases, elaborated by the communal power , I proceed to deliver the first two laws of popular power, “Maduro said during an address broadcast by the Venezuelan State Television channel.

(VIDEO) What Socialists Communes look like in Venezuela 

The president added that the legal texts will strengthen the communal councils, which are instances of citizen participation.

Maduro said that the 21st century in Venezuela will be decided under the slogan “Commune or Nothing.”

”We are a Constituent sovereign people”

“Either there is a commune or there is no country, or there is a commune or there is no socialism, or there is a commune or there is no well-being and happiness of the people, just like that, a commune will be a future, a commune will be a guarantee of a homeland,” he said.

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Citizen Referendums Create 169 New Communes in Venezuela 

Last October, Maduro approved the creation of 200 communal cities run by self-government and popular power.

These cities are a system of union of communes, within a defined geographical and territorial axis, that share interests, uses, customs and cultural traits that identify them, for political, administrative and economic-productive purposes that pursue a model of socialist society of equity and justice.

Venezuela has 3,230 Active Communes Throughout the Country 

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Venezuelan President: We Are Activating Popular Power

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(VIDEO) What Socialists Communes look like in Venezuela 

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Venezuelan peasant commune fights economic war

Venezuela Government Hosts International Commune Congress .

Venezuelans Celebrate Day of Indigenous Resistance | Venezuela

21st-Century Socialism: Venezuela’s Communes

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The new communal constituent assembly

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