July 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


How to get out and about.

           Today I was reading the Financial Times, yea, the Financial Times, I do read it from time to time. This paper is obviously put together for that stock-market, banking, CEO brigade of parasites and their corporate cronies. So it feeds them lots of info, some of it interesting for those looking for the blatant rip-off and plundering that keeps the poor poor, and fattens the off shore bank accounts of the parasite class.

A life on the ocean waves.

       One little article that caught my eye, Vitol, a London based oil trading company, after a bumper year has decided to pay its executives and staff the equivalent of more than $7 million to each of its almost 400 London based trading partners. That’s a lot of loot, to the ordinary person $7 million is nothing, it is just an unimaginable entity, a lot of zeros on a piece of paper. Where did all that money come from? Why from you and I, of course, where else. Money does nothing unless we sell our selves to the corporate beast and take our pittance to spend in their shops and malls. Meanwhile they shovel mountains of pounds/sterling into their favourite off-shore tax haven, or perhaps buy a new £100 million yacht. 

If you are in a hurry to get to another country.

       Bearing in mind that is just one company among thousands that garner plunder from our labour, and salt it away for the pampered privileged few. Just imagine if all that loot, that you and I created went to social services instead of Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars, private jets and fancy mansions on some idyllic island. Do you think it would make a difference to the lives of the ordinary person, who happens to be the essential element in creating that wealth? Without the workforce of millions, they would just be a bunch of useless twats, but of course, they already are. It is the wealth that we create that gives them their power and privileges, why don’t we take it away from them and share the fruits of our labour across our own communities, creating the style of society we want, one that see to the needs of all our people, and not just to that useless pampered, privileged parasite class.

 A simple place to lay your head.

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