November 16, 2021
From Anarchist News

The essay “Anarcho-Pessimism: The Lost Writings of Laurence Labadie,” by Chord, has been read on Immediatism podcast over two episodes, 688 and 689. In addition to having introduced each section of the Ardent Press/Little Black Cart book “Anarcho-Pessimism: the Collected Writings of Laurence Labadie,” Chord wrote this extensive introduction essay describing Labadie’s upbringing, exposure to texts in his father’s collection, relation with his father, abandoned attempts at college and career, and eventual interest in anarchism. Chord describes Labadie as having grown into an “incomparably pugnacious skeptic,” and as someone who “readily confessed to a lack of ambition and to a ‘hate of everything.'” Also enjoy three of Laurence Labadie’s own essays which were previously recorded at What is Man? (episode 24), On Man’s Thinking (25), and Should I Try to Communicate? (26).

Lost Writings of Laurence Labadie, by Chord, part 1…
Lost Writings part 2…

What is Man?
On Man’s Thinking
Should I Try to Communicate?

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