September 16, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Lucerne. Switzerland. Even after a summer, the now empty house on Murmattweg sits heavy in our stomachs. 

Originally published by Squat Net.

We continue to be angry and sad about the tough structures in Lucerne that keep getting in the way of the implementation of self-determined projects and ideas. We stand in solidarity with projects in Lucerne that continue to withstand this pressure, forming important free spaces.

But we don’t want to just quietly accept that more projects will be lost and that the conservative and inflexible attitude of the city government will simply go unanswered. We need places where conventions and hierarchies can be broken. That’s why on September 17 we’re taking to the streets together and loudly, demanding space for education, networking and emancipation.

For more free, self-determined and solidary spaces in Lucerne!

Wear a mask and take care of each other!
Permission is submitted.