January 12, 2021
From Act For Freedom

  via: frecciaspezzata : Translated by act for freedom now!
Thursday 31ST December 2020 from 3pm outside the court in Via Pretorio, Lugano
Have you happened to walk around the streets of “great” Lugano recently?
If impressive numbers of police were already guarding the semi-deserted streets of Lugano before the pandemic, now with the pretext of the health crisis repressive politics are getting harder and becoming normalized.
Field-marshal Norman has said it all along: “Strike one to educate one hundred, the time of the carrot is over, the time of the stick has come”.
As the Lugano that “counts” aggregates between prosecco, shopping and Christmas markets, those who live in the streets creating necessary alternative moments of aggregation detached from economic interests are experiencing on their skin the fact that the cops in Lugano are moving like hungry dogs ready to bite, attack and where possible domesticate now more than ever.
Any excuse is good for violent capillary control, even more “legitimized” by  alleged health safety. For the “vigilantes” anything goes: from stopping, intimidating, to pushing and beating (see the video and witnesses).
Interviews given in recent weeks by marshalls in decline, or by official police press releases, paint their officers as victims in difficulty in their public order interventions.
We find these declarations quite ridiculous! The violence of the State has a long and sad history, it is a precise will and political strategy.
The stick is not for everybody, the undesirables are chosen, created and struck systematically.
We can’t remain silent and stand there looking on!
With those who don’t agree.
With those who want to be free to self-determine their own life.
With those who shout loudly EVERYBODY HATES THE POLICE!

Source: Actforfree.nostate.net