November 25, 2020
From Takku (Finland)

In English | 25.10.2019 @ 11:32 | Katselukertoja: 10 210

Tule hengaamaan, kuulemaan ja juhlistamaan kymmenvuotiasta Mustan kanin koloa Lymyn Aperitivolle perjantaina 1. marraskuuta klo 18-21 (huom. pääohjelma alkaa jo 18.30!). Tilaisuuden kieli on englanti mutta tulkkausta suomeksi on tarjolla.

TL;DR: Come hang out and listen to a short presentation and discussion with Mustan kanin kolo over drinks next Friday (Nov 1) at 6-9pm (main program starts already at 6:30).

Lymy continues its series of monthly Aperitivo nights. We gather once a month to meet each other and enjoy some drinks and interesting conversation. Start your weekend with us at Lymy! Cash is queen. ♥

In this winter’s round of aperitivos we will be focusing on spaces. Our second aperitivo in the series is with the collective behind Mustan kanin kolo (‘the black rabbit’s burrow’). Kolo is an antiquarian book store and infoshop located on the next block over from Lymy at Hämeentie 26. The store has been around for 10 years this fall so it’s only fitting that we have them over for our 10th aperitivo!

We have given them the following questions as suggestions for what we might be interested in thinking about together with them on Friday and beyond: What are the political implications of having a space? How does having a space affect the collective? What are some challenges with having and maintaining a space and how do you deal with them? What made you decide to get a space?

The evening will consist of a very short introduction by us (starting at 6:30), a presentation by our guests (between 20-50 min) and some discussion followed by hanging out in a more informal setting till 9.

You are warmly welcome to the tenth Lymy Aperitivo to hear more from and about Mustan kanin kolo and spend a wonderful evening together!


Accessibility info (esteellisyystiedot suomeksi alla):

The discussion will be held in English with the possibility of translation to at least Finnish.

When entering Lymy through the front door, there are five steps leading downwards into the space. The front door is 79 cm wide. There are three steps up to the bathroom. The door to the bathroom is 64 cm wide. When passing the kitchen door there is one single three cm high step.

We ask that everyone who enters the space not assume consent for anything from anyone, including being photographed.


Keskustelu on englanniksi, tulkkaus järjestetään tarvittaessa ainakin suomeksi.

Lymyyn laskeudutaan katutasosta viittä porrasta pitkin. Ulko-ovi on 79 cm leveä. Pieneen kylpyhuoneeseen noustaan kolmea porrasta pitkin. Kylpyhuoneen ovi on 64 cm leveä. Keittiön oven kohdalla on kolme cm korkea kynnys.

Odotamme kaikkien tilaan tulevien olemaan olettamatta kenenkään suostumusta mihinkään, mukaan lukien valokuvattavaksi tulemiseen.