January 8, 2021
From Attaque

The trial against five anarchists arrested in Italy in the ambit of the umpteenth repressive operation, Bialystock, began on December 14. The comrades were arrested on June 12 at the request of the Italian government with the collaboration of France and Spain, in the midst of a major campaign against the anarchist movement.

The Italian State is prosecuting hundreds of anarchists in trials that have been going on since September. The Bialystock operation has had a very strong echo in Saint-Etienne because our comrade Roberto was arrested by the SDAT (Antiterrorism Sub-direction) and is being held in the prison of Fresnes (Paris) before being handed over to the Italian authorities.

He and the other people arrested in this operation are accused of subversive association for the purpose of terrorism and incitement to commit a crime. The investigation is based mainly on the following: an explosive attack on the Carabinieri barracks of San Giovanni in Rome in 2017, the burning of various cars of ENI-Enjoy car-sharing, the organization of debates, meetings and concerts in support of other anarchist prisoners.

Over the past six months these activists have been held on remand in high security wings. To isolate them even more they have been imprisoned in different Italian prisons, and for some of them their mail is being censured.

The imprisoned comrades have appealed to the Court of Cassation of Rome, which at the beginning of November recognized the illegality of most of the charges and annulled those relating to terrorism for all the defendants of the operation, with the exception of Claudio… They waited for almost two months for the response of the investigating judge on this decision of the Court of Cassation, which must reformulate the accusations so that they can ask for parole, also because the accusations against our comrades are negligible in view of the detention and treatment they have received so far.

This is yet another fine example of repression of a so-called “democratic” State which continues to develop its police politic in the shadows. A wave of repression that once again strikes those who fight in solidarity for a better future.

It is in this context that some autonomous activists carried out an action of support outside the Italian Consulate in Lyon to denounce the actions of the State and Italian (in)justice, and to demand the liberation of all the persecuted anarchists!


[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

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Source: Attaque.noblogs.org