November 11, 2020
From Center For Stateless Society

Rise up! Powers of the Abyss! 

I call forth the Abominations of Desolation— 

Powers of Darkness, I summon Thee: 

Entangle the Oppressors— 

Serpents of Darkness, I summon Thee: 

Fill the Oppressors with Venom— 

May their every breath be laboured, that they may cease to breathe; 

May their sustenance be Foul Poisons, that they may cease to feed; 

May Scorpions & Stinging Beasts be their bedfellows. 

May their flesh be a Feast for Carrion, 

May their bones break and cut them from within. 

I cover them—night covers them—they breathe the dust of the grave. 

I blind them—in nightmares they sleep. In nightmares they sleep. 

I bind them in their sleep; I impregnate them with monstrous creatures, 

Whose birth is their apocalypse.