May 20, 2021
From Gatorna (Sweden)


the night of May 20, we carried out a symbolic action against the
office of the Israeli Bottled Mineral Water company Eden Springs. This
company is famous for extracting water from the Salukia spring in the
Golan Heights. Eden Springs economically supports
the Israeli military machine, and this has become a reason for the action. We throwed red paint to the office and wrote “Eden Springs profits on Palestinian blood”. This action is an act of solidarity with Palestinians, victims of the Israeli state’s policy of mass murders and ethnic cleansings.

over the world voices are heard in support of oppressed Palestinians,
and our action is one of them. When military aircraft kills innocent
people by bombs, you need to act. With the tools available to us, we
chose a method that allows us to draw attention to
the mass murders in Palestine.

We believe in a peaceful cooperation of various ethnic and religious groups beyond
state borders. We see how the state of Israel, by the policies of
apartheid and ethnic cleansing, prevents this cooperation. Condemning
all forms of Anti-Semitism, we will continue to support the struggle of Palestinians for their rights to live in their homes, for a future without constant shelling, resettling and bombing. We welcome revolutionary impulses in the Middle East and around the world.

Struggle for land and freedom!

Attack on Palestinians!