April 2, 2021
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Try typing ”Some Uyghurs are jihadi terrorists” in Google and you will see only thousands and thousands of posts about how horrible China is Genociding innocent Uyghurs and must be punished, sanctioned, boycotted and reviled. Just a few years ago it was Russia we were urged continually to hate, not that that has stopped either.


The reason is that the US ”defense” industry, on a $750 BILLION budget, has allocated various billions to a worldwide campaign of daily lies and vilification of China and everything Chinese. It seems China has been deemed a mortal threat to the good old USA.

Here we republish a big post by the always accurate Andre Vltchek which tries to hold back the tsunami of hatred and racism directed at all 1.400 million Chinese for their state’s diabolical plot for world peace, mutual respect and multilateralism. Andre died suddenly last year when traveling in a…

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