June 19, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)
         I penned the little piece below away back in February 2003, why bother repeating it now you might ask. After all Tony has bent his knee in front of the monarchy, been welcomed into the bosom of the imperial establishment and made a knight. 

 It was a joke then, what makes you think it’s different now?
      Well the point is not about Tony, but the fact that we are facing an unprecedented attack on our living standards, millions more of ordinary people are going to be dragged in to poverty, people’s health will suffer, kids potential will be stunted and the elderly will go to an earlier grave than they would normally. Meanwhile millionaires and billionaires get richer and richer by the day. So if you are thinking of marching through the streets with you placards, demanding the government do something to help you, then reflect on February 15th. 2003, when 1 million marched in London, 100,000 marched in Glasgow and similar amounts in cities across the planet, all on the same day, the result was to be totally ignored by the government. You will have to come up with something a bit stronger than nice marches and fancy placards. The state and its corporate bedfellows are in a corrupt and festering arrangement but are determined to to protect their power, wealth and privileges and will fight tooth and nail to keep wages down, cut social spending, with the excuse of cutting inflation and balancing the books, the real purpose is of course to re-capitalise their broken and corrupt system. The only way they know how to do that is to make us pay by inflicting crippling austerity on the population.
        You will have to be ready for a bitter fight and perhaps a long one, or you can knuckle down and take what is coming to you. The choice is up to us all, we organise and fight back or we accept our abject poverty and hand the same misery on to our kids and grandkids.    
He didn’t listen to you then, what makes you think Boris will now?

       If politicians listen to the will of the people, what should Tony be doing after February 15th, If ever a people spoke loud and and with one voice, it was the British people on Saturday February 15th. A protest voice of 1 million ordinary British people on the streets of London, close to 100,000 on the streets of Glasgow, with nearly as many in Belfast, all saying the same thing, “This war must not happen”. On the same day, this call was repeated across the planet in most major cities. What more does Bush and Blair need to make them realise that they are wrong,
         If there is a war on Iraq, it will be in the name of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and their handful of scullions, most certainly not in the name of the British people.
        What ever we think of Saddam, and what ever we think should happen to him, on one thing we all agree, the Iraqi people must not become collateral damage in the oil barons and weapon makers scramble for richer pickings. If Tony did not get the message on February 15th. Then we must repeat it at regular intervals until he does.

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com