December 1, 2020
From Act For Freedom

About 40 boats were deliberately set fire to during the night of  Monday 16 to Tuesday 17 December in the port of  l’Estaque, in Marseille. This is the second incendiary attack against the rich of Marseilles in a few months.
The fire started at around 11pm in one of the racks of the dry dock « Port Ouest Marseille ». The 52 marine-firefighters mobilised fought the flames until 6am. Unfortunately they managed to stop the flames spreading to the boats stored one above the other.
Two hooded individuals were spotted in the video-surveillance images. It should be noted that the port is enclosed and supervised by a guard.
This is the second time in a few months that boats in dry dock have been burned in Marseilles. On May 18, two hooded men were filmed setting fire to a number of boats of « Batotel », at the Pointe Rouge, on the other side of Marseille.
Seven months later, « the guys still haven’t been found », confided a manager of this boat garage. This Tuesday the police consider it is « far too soon » to know whether the two fires are linked.
[from various sources]


Translated by Act for freedom now!