November 27, 2021
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This is the road which the mass protests in Europe should take!

By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 26 November 2021,

We might see a harbinger of the future. Bourgeois governments in Europe and other parts of the world escalate their reactionary bonapartist pandemic policy. Instead of expanding the public health sector and working towards a rational response to the pandemic, they spread panic about the “most deadly virus in history” and impose, once again, draconic lockdowns putting the whole population under a kind of semi-house arrest. In addition, these governments introduce the so-called “Green Pass” and begin to make vaccination compulsory for certain professions or even for the whole population.

This policy of capitalist governments is part of the COVID Counterrevolution – the reactionary program of the ruling class all over the world which exploits a pandemic for political and economic goals. This policy is not directed at overcoming a health crisis and reducing the number of victims of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It primarily serves the interests of the monopoly bourgeoisie to expand the bonapartist police and surveillance state as well as to increase the profits of the largest corporations – in particularly those which are part of Big Pharma, Big Finance, Big Tech and Big Data. At this place, we will not elaborate our analysis of this counterrevolutionary offensive and refer readers to the numerous documents which the RCIT has published on this issue since February 2020. [1]

In response to the latest escalation of the reactionary bonapartist attacks, mass protests have taken place in several European countries in the last two weeks. [2] In the Netherlands, youth fought vicious street battles with the police which shot several demonstrators.

However, the highest form of class struggle against the COVID Counterrevolution currently takes place outside of Europe. Since more than one week, Martinique and Guadeloupe, two Caribbean islands which are colonies of French imperialism, are experiencing popular uprisings resulting in revolutionary situations. As French colonies, both islands are affected by the restrictions as well as the mandatory vaccination for health workers which have been imposed by the reactionary Macron Administration in Paris.

In response the workers and oppressed on both islands have entered the streets, hold mass demonstrations, set up burning barricades and looted shops. In Martinique, 17 trade union organizations launched a general strike. There have been also incidents where police came under gunfire. In addition to ending the vaccination obligation, protesters have been calling for salary increases and lower petrol prices. [3]

The Afro-Caribbean majority population on both islands strongly opposes the compulsory vaccination which they rightly associate with their tragic history of slavery.

We shall add at this point, that another country – the Solomon Islands (in the Pacific) – also experiences currently a popular uprising, albeit this is not directly related to COVID restrictions. In order to quell the uprising, Australia sent police forces which effectively occupy the capital city Honiara. [4]

The current events are a powerful confirmation of the Marxists’ prognosis. In our analysis of the COVID Counterrevolution we have repeatedly explained that this attack is a result of the historic crisis of the capitalist system. Its decay accelerated in autumn 2019 when the Great Depression of the world economy began, in combination with a global wave of popular uprisings. While the COVID Counterrevolution in spring 2020 succeeded temporarely to shock and paralyze the masses, in the end, it only deepened the inner contradiction of this rotten system. As a result, we currently see a new global wave of militant class struggles resulting in a pre-revolutionary situation.

For Marxists, these developments do not come as a surprise. In April 2020, when most were still shocked by the sudden and gigantic wave of media-hyped panic and state bonapartist offensive, the RCIT published a book called “The COVID-19 Global Counterrevolution: What It Is and How to Fight It.” In this book, we explained, among others, that the massive expansion of the authoritarian state apparatus makes it necessary for the working class and the oppressed to prepare for a popular uprising to bring down the bonapartist ruling class. Hence, we concluded: “For all these reasons we consider the following slogan as an appropriate summary of the strategic line for the coming period: ‘Conversion of the State of Emergency into a Popular Uprising’.” [5] What we currently see in Martinique and Guadeloupe is a row and spontaneous implementation of such a perspective by the masses.

The task of revolutionaries is to relate to these spontaneous forms of class struggle and to provide them with leadership and program. The current mass protests in Europe against the new authoritarian attacks by the capitalist governments demonstrate that such resistance is not limited to semi-colonial countries. Socialists need to support such protests, combat against the influence of reactionary forces within these movements and work towards advancing the struggle towards general strikes and popular uprisings which we currently see in elementary forms in Martinique and Guadeloupe.

As a matter of fact, 99% of the so-called left is incapable to do this as it has shamefully capitulated to the COVID Counterrevolution and its policy of lockdowns, Green Pass, compulsory vaccination, etc. Those socialists who refuse this opportunist course of self-humiliation should join the RCIT in building such a leadership!

[1] The RCIT has analyzed the COVID-19 counterrevolution extensively since its beginning. Starting from 2 February 2020 we have published about 100 pamphlets, essays, articles and statements plus a book which are all compiled at a special sub-page on our website: In particular we refer readers to two RCIT Manifestos: COVID-19: A Cover for a Major Global Counterrevolutionary Offensive. We are at a turning point in the world situation as the ruling classes provoke a war-like atmosphere in order to legitimize the build-up of chauvinist state-bonapartist regimes, 21 March 2020,; “Green Pass” & Compulsory Vaccinations: A New Stage in the COVID Counterrevolution. Down with the chauvinist-bonapartist police & surveillance state – defend democratic rights! No to health policy in the service of the capitalist monopolies – expand the public health sector under workers and popular control! 29 July 2021,; In addition, we draw attention to our book by Michael Pröbsting: The COVID-19 Global Counterrevolution: What It Is and How to Fight It. A Marxist analysis and strategy for the revolutionary struggle, RCIT Books, April 2020, Chapter V, See also our very first article on this issue by Almedina Gunić: Coronavirus: „I am not a Virus“… but WE will be the Cure! The chauvinist campaign behind the “Wuhan Coronavirus” hysteria and the revolutionary answer, 2 February 2020, Almedina Gunić and Michael Pröbsting: On Some Ideological Features of the COVID Counterrevolution. Comments on an interesting interview with a German liberal historian, 14 November 2021,; See also a number of Spanish-language articles of our Argentinean comrades: Juan Giglio: La izquierda de la „Big Pharma“, dejó de defender las libertades, 1.10.2021,; Juan Giglio: ¿Por qué la izquierda no cuestiona las políticas de la OMS? 8.9.2021,

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