November 24, 2020
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

Mary Quaile Club event; Northern Launch of new book “Anti-Nazi Germans. Enemies of the Nazi State from within the Working class Movement” by Merilyn Moos and German Volunteers in the French Resistance by Steve Cushion. 29th November 2020, 2pm

Mary Quaile Club

 Due to the current situation our next meeting will be held by Zoom (Full details of how to log in can be found at the end of this post)

This new book challenges a popular  myth: that there was no resistance in Germany to the Nazis. We are delighted to be joined by the authors,   Merilyn and Steve.

In the first part  of the book Merilyn chronicles the German anti-Nazi Resistance,  particularly   from the German working class movement. She includes the White Rose group and the Edelweiss Pirates.

In the second part of the book Steve chronicles  how German refugees took part in fighting the Nazis in France in the Resistance, “From spreading anti-Nazi propaganda in the German Army and attempting to organise mutiny and desertion, through to extensive involvement in urban terrorism and the rural guerrilla struggle.”

Merilyn and Steve are lifelong activists in opposing fascism in…

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