March 2, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Facebook is censoring about any person, group or page that is posting something related to the hunger and thirst strike of Dimitris Koufontinas. In the past days Greek journalists, reporters, historians, civil society and political groups pages and streaming events have been suspended by Facebook. In Greece the wave of censorship on Facebook is carried out by the content moderation contractor Teleperformance, a company with ties to the Greek governmentand the far right.

Image above: Image of yesterdays demonstration in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas In athens. The banner says: “I was born on November 17th”. The image was taken by photo journalist Marios Lolos. This image was banned by Facebook. You can still follow lolos marios on Twitter: @lolosmarios

Published by Enough 14. Written by  Riot Turtle.

Censorship is an issue that is accompanying Facebook for a long time now. Last year the pages of Enough 14, Crimethinc, Its Going Down and many others were deleted by Facebook. Last week the tech giant deleted the page of an inititiative of resisdents who protest against the destruction of the Osterholz forest in Germany, Osterholz Bleibt (Warning Facebook Link).

One of the first Greek pages that was censored by Facebook this week was the page of RadioFragmata. Apart from politcal groups and projects more and more people are also being censored by Facebook. Especially Greek journalists and independent media are being targeted. Social media play an important role in Greece.

An important note of context about this government is that it controls a staggering percentage of the mainstream media. It is commonly estimated that 80% of media are, not just on their side, but blindly praising them, to the point of ridicule. To mention one infamous (and rather amusing) example, Mitsotakis has been likened to Moses, who will lead the nation out of the desert of the current crisis. This has been achieved, not only by the eagerness of the business interests that control the media to support deregulation but also through literal bribes, given in broad daylight. The government has repeatedly issued special grants of public money, to a spectrum of their favourite news outlets, for “raising Covid19 awareness”.

This overwhelming rigging of public discourse in the traditional channels has shifted more power towards the new media of the internet, and especially social networking platforms.

Freedom News

The difference with the wave of censorship on Facebook last year is that Teleperformance not only censors Greek political groups and projects, which is already saying enough about the kind of freedom the Greek ND regime is dreaming of, but is also taking down posts and restricting accounts that show any support for Koufodinas’ legal rights. His rights under Greek law. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his ND gang seek revenge against Dimitris Koufontinas and have no problem to violate their own prison laws, but they have a problem with journalists and media who report about it.

Apart from several journalists Facebook alo censored The Press Project. One of the very few media that are not controlled by the Greek government.

On Twitter the hashtag #greek_facebook_gate is growing fast. More and more tweets of journalists who were censored by Facebook are appearing on my timeline.

At the same time Greek government agencies seem to try to hack media accounts that are not under control of the Greek government. Google warned the co-founder of Athens Live, Tassos Morfis, that “government-backed intruders are possibly trying to steel” his password.

After Greek police have beaten up journalists during demonstrations in solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas in the past weeks, the new strategy seems to be to prevent journalists from spreading images, videos and information. Until now Twitter did not censor any Koufontinas related content, but after the company again and again cernsored accounts like Abolition Media Wordlwide, its about time people start to move to alternativ social networks like Mastodon.

The ND regime changed Greece into a junta-like state in one and a half year, and abused the Corona pandemic to crush any kind of resistance. But the struggle is far from over, Facebook and the ND regime are about to dig their own grave.

Enough 14, CrimethInc, Its Going Down and hundreds of others were removed by Facebook last year.