February 7, 2021
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As countless thousands face eviction due to Covid unemployment the Catalan Govt. passed a law which required large property holders to offer a cheaper rental to families in vulnerable situations.


Now, as usual with progressive laws, the Constitutional Court, controlled by the Far Right oligarchy, has cancelled the new law.

tweet: We are a lot of people, only half of the demo because there are still people setting out from Arc del Triomf.. More than 3,500 people are on the street to defend the ’24th Law’, and to say STOP to evictions!
Let Capital, renters and fans of private property tremble!

According to the Catalan PAH, more than 3,500 people have participated in the demonstration against the decision of the Constitutional Court to annul Decree Law 17/2019, which developed Law 24/2015 and which required large holders to offer a rental to families in vulnerable situations.

The PAH of Catalonia, together with housing unions, have taken to the streets this Saturday en masse to protest against the decision of the Constitutional Court to annul Decree Law 17/2019, which developed Law 24/2015 and which required large holders to offer social rent to families in vulnerable situations.


And it is that, although evictions have continued in Catalonia, according to data from the Generalitat, the law had forced large holders to make 2,200 social rental offers.

Promoters of the Housing law, such as the PAH (People Affected by Mortgages) or the Llogateres (Renters) Union, have denounced that more than 3,000 families are pending a social rent and with the cancellation decided by the TC on Thursday, they could be evicted in the coming months.

The mobilization this Saturday has begun at the headquarters of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, where members of the campaign have lit green and red flares.
There, a member of the PAH has read a manifesto in which he states: “We want to make it very clear that the branches of the judiciary have to stop serving the interests of the powerful. We saw it when the Supreme Court saved the Banks from European judgments. And it is shown every time that the PP or any other party bring to court any laws that represent an advance in terms of rights.

According to the Catalan PAH, more than 3,500 people have participated in the demonstration, following the recommended sanitary measures.

However, from below and as we have always done, we are not going to stand still and we will continue fighting from all fronts to make this basic right effective.

We denounce the passivity with which the powers of the State neglect the protection of the right to housing, contrary to what the Constitution itself says, while the banks and the vultures fight back.

Neighbours in the Raval area held a 15 day long resistance demo against plans by vulture fund Blackstone to evict a whole block of people, forcing the US Property Corporation, in this case, to instead grant ‘social rents’.

The sentence annuls the extension of Law 24/2015 due to a formal defect, that is, a Law and not a Decree-law would have to be used.

Here is an opportunity that we will not miss to recover the canceled measures!

So we demand that the heads of the list that present themselves in the Catalan elections of 14F, the future Government of the Generalitat and all the political parties that constitute the Parliament in the new legislature, promise that:

1..The first Law that is approved by the new legislature recovers and shields the extensions obtained from Law 24/2015 and now annulled by the sentence. Also that the regulations are forcefully applied, so that there is no eviction without relocation. We will accept no less!

2.. Make ambitious and structural housing policies that permanently stop evictions, expand the public and social housing stock to at least 15% of the stock, and that sanction real estate speculation and non-compliance with the social function of housing.

The Catalan Law against evictions and supply cuts annoys the powerful because it threatens their benefits and forces them to comply with the demands of those of us who defend the right to housing.


We demand that the extension of the law be restored, article by article, in the first plenary session of Parliament after the elections and we question all the candidates to position themselves.

Meanwhile, we will continue to stop evictions every day, relocating and fighting so that there is not a shadow of a doubt that there are many more who defend the right to decent housing!

# Defensemla24 # CapMésDesnonament #DefensemHabitatgeDigne Source: PAH Barcelona

Fuente/Source : PAH Barcelona

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