This year, May 1 will still take place in the context of a pandemic, but unlike 2020, we will be back on the streets! The demonstration must be massive in order to defend our rights and freedoms!
For a year now, workers have been on the front line in the face of the COVID19 crisis and have suffered the consequences of a disastrous health policy carried out in the interests of the economic elites.
While the capitalists and profiteers continue to get richer, we are affected by the economic crisis: layoffs, partial unemployment, precariousness … Yet essential to the economic machine, thousands of us are excluded from social rights: uberized, undocumented and migrant workers.
The Government continues its attacks: massive reduction in unemployment benefits, ordinances on labor law under cover of health emergency, dismantling of public services (rail, energy, etc.) …
After having demanded efforts to “save the economy”, we are going to be asked to reimburse, in the coming years, the public money which has kept companies and shareholders under a drip! If we let it happen, we will experience years of austerity policies and a bloodletting of public services , already undermined in recent decades. On the contrary, with the pandemic, we have seen their usefulness: they must be the priority!

In an increasingly authoritarian climate, a real police society is setting up: a permanent “state of emergency”, the so-called Global Security Act which considerably strengthens the powers of the police , generalized cyber-surveillance, use regular violence against social movements …
Be careful, the fascists are also in ambush to gain political profit from the crisis , let’s be firm on our values!

May 1: for an egalitarian, fraternal, ecological and self-management society!
Capitalism and its predatory development are largely responsible for the current pandemic and the ongoing damage to the environment. More than the virus, it is the unfair and unequal organization of our societies and economies that causes the devastating effects that we are suffering.
It is time to move forward collectively towards a major social transformation that breaks with capitalism. Because we produce all goods and services and are consumers of them, workers can directly run society without parasitic intermediaries. Far from identity and nationalist folds, let’s carry this emancipatory project for our class with all the workers around the world!

Long live the working class and international solidarity, let us count only on ourselves!