November 25, 2020
From Derry Anarchists (Ireland)

Due to the continuing Covid19 pandemic May Day celebrations have been cancelled or readapted into other forms of acknowledgement such as raising the red or red and black flag out of your window as organised by the local trades council as part of their online Workers Rights and Social Justice Week.
Is this enough? definitely not! history has shown us that the state will continue to ravage working class communities unabated and the current global pandemic has come as a gift for them to eradicate any gains we fought long and hard for. In order to save this system of capitalism, power and corruption they are continuing to normalise this period of danger, risking lives to protect their economies. Many workplaces continue to ignore health and safety, social distancing and PPE. 

They must be named and shamed as we practice mutual aid and solidarity in our streets and communities with a vision of another world run by and for our class as we look beyond the ongoing pandemic. We need to continue to build, organise and unionise horizontally at grassroots level, far from the grasp of ego’s, those who seek to manipulate and control working class struggle, politicians and so-called radical parties.
If you agree then join the anarchists!