May 1, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

Glasgow May Day 1960, fun for the family.

          Glasgow’s May Day March, 2022, was a poor show compared to other years, despite the horrendous onslaught to our standard of living not enough people seem to tie the two together. May Day a day to mark our struggles and come together to celebrate our successes. To create unity among all ordinary people as we fight for the better world for all. As an anarchist it was disappointing to find that myself, my partner and a member of the ACG appeared to be the only three handing out anarchists literature. These events are surely the one place where we can get among the people and try to spread our ideas on how to try and proceed in creating that better world. It was a trade union organised event and seemed to have shrunk in numbers since previous years, but still the place to get our ideas out.
         May Day in Glasgow, like many other cities, used to be a massive event for families, a great day out thousands gathering to celebrate, have fun, a picnic and an abundance of political argument and debate available. Now it seems to be a slow walk to a park, a couple union bosses preaching and then go home. It might make the unions look as if they are doing something, but it is killing the workers May Day. Glasgow anarchists, sorry, I for one was disappointed at your performance at this May Day, you were practically invisible.
        Friends of the People’s Palace, Winter Gardens and Glasgow Green put on a good show with part of their now famous massive yellow banner well displayed. Well done Friends. 


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