April 26, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

International Workers Memorial Day

       Keelie’s remembered the deaths of workers in unsafe workplaces, during the afternoon on 28th April, 2021 at the drying green on Glasgow Green. This was the site of the Templeton Mill Disaster, 1889, when high winds collapsed the building on over 140 women and children weavers. They made carpets for Titanic and Cunard ships as well as Royal weddings with Company assets of £26million in today’s money. Despite huge wealth, many of their workers died on the job in fire or crushing incidents. In 1889, the rescuers included the women themselves who organised frantic search parties for sisters, daughters and mothers. Regarded as a cover up the inquest blamed ‘confused responsibilities’ between the Architect and the Engineer. Keelies hung workers’ aprons to commemorate the 29 women and girls who died at Templetons and other Clydesiders including, Stockline Plastics staff, Graftons Shopworkers, Antares Trawler folk, Asbestos, Auchengeich mine disaster, and NHS COVID 19 workers, and many, many more, plus individuals like Graham Meldrum who went to work and never came home again.
      United Nations estimates that six thousand people are killed daily at work – three times MORE people than in WARS, drug and alcohol abuse combined. [United Nations]
       Keelies say most die because their employer put profit and production ahead of safety at work. We should remember them and honour them, and take this as a reason to alter the economic system that sets these priorities. WORKERS LIVES are worth much more than an economic system of profit for the few.

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com