January 1, 1970
From It's Going Down

Anonymous communique of a banner drop in so-called Minneapolis in solidarity with the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria.

It reads:

Overnight, rebels in Minneapolis affixed a banner to the now-familiar ruins of the third precinct asserting our solidarity with the uprising in Nigeria. Following the massacre of protestors blocking the flow of commerce at the Lekki toll bridge, rebels have set Lagos on fire.

As we watch from halfway around the world this October, we hear echoes of our uprising in May. Rage at the murder of George Floyd led to a rupture in our city filled with joy. Singing, dancing and partying filled the streets as buildings burned and stores were looted. Rage at the continuous abuse at the hands of the notorious SARS unit led to similar scenes, with people finding joy at this break with the world, despite the tragedy of so many lost at the Lekki massacre. We see an inclusive movement that has room for every type of interaction; sign-holding, looting, burning, dancing, singing, partying, donuts and burnouts, drinking, kissing, redistributing stolen goods, and every other activity one could think of when the grip of governance slips away.

We also see the beginnings of a narrative that has plagued every uprising and crushed ours in May. President Buhari feigned support for the #EndSARS movement, but claimed that it had been “infiltrated by criminals” and justified the use of lethal force. The outside agitator narrative is one that needs to be defended against at all costs. Here in Minneapolis, we are still receiving regular reports from the State attempting to blame the uprising on white supremacists, on anarchists, on white kids from out of state; anything to deny the reality of what actually occurred.

What occurred was a massive multi-ethnic uprising against a racist policing apparatus that holds in place a system dominating every facet of our lives. Similarly, the police in Nigeria wish to separate the insurgents from the “approved” protestors in order the crush the revolt taking place currently. Those fighting back in Nigeria know that there are no bad protesters, and can be damn sure there are no good cops. We stand in solidarity with the fighters in Lagos, and with the “criminals,” the looters, the burners, and the dancers.

Fire to every precinct!

Fuck 12 forever!

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