July 24, 2021
From Anarchist News

"It’s nice, cheers you up and there are many more waiting it seems."

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Toulouse : Burning of a Tesla electric car, a Socorep vehicle and a Scopelec vehicle

We set fire to three vehicles during the night of June 16th to 17th, an electric car Tesla, a Socorep van and a Scopelec van with fire starters placed under the front wheels or on the rear wheel under the entrance of the gas tank of the vehicles.

– The Tesla because what it is made of comes from the worst extraction conditions in terms of rare earths, rare metals, plastics, metal and it is powered with electricity also produced thanks to the extractivism of uranium. This extractivism maintains many places and people under the neo-colonial dependence of the West while destroying the environment (see books “dossiers noirs” in collaboration with ‘l’association survie’ or other texts speaking of extractivism and neo-colonization).

That’s why this capitalism with a green varnish disgusts us, because it depends like the rest on an exploitation of the world for economic purposes and that its productions are absolutely not recyclable.

– The socorep van because it is a company of big buildings which participates in the extension of the cities and of the civilization while 40 000 houses are unused in Toulouse (only to speak about the houses) for so many people in the street and of sending back people exiled in their country of origin.

– The scopelec van because this company installs telecom networks and especially 5G, which participates in the addiction to technology and the society of the spectacle that puts so many people to sleep. Also this technology will connect more and more everyday objects and will allow an increased surveillance of populations and flows if it is maintained. Let’s cut off its vitality!

We want to put an end to the extension of this sickening civilization.

Let these flames spread and our anarchy with it!

Support with B. charged for the fire of relay antenna.

[Translated by Dark Nights]

Paris: Enedis van on fire

Enemies of the authority feel more and more the need to attack the electricity distribution network, an indispensable part of this society.

The power stations are difficult to reach (for the time being. But maybe in the future
) but recently there have been nice attempts to sabotage power stations.

It is the whole empire of EDF, based on nuclear power (70% of the electricity produced in France comes from nuclear power plants) that should be hit continuously, everywhere.

As a small contribution to the fight against this cold monster that fills its pocket by providing energy to this company that enslaves us we made a small surprise to one of the companies of the EDF group.

During the night of July 17th to 18th we set fire to a van of Enedis, rue des Pyrénées, behind PÚre Lachaise.

You can find them everywhere, burning them is easy!

A thought for all the people who fight against the authority, the exploitation and the devastation of the nature.

without faith nor law, nor Pass

PS: about the fight against nuclear power our thoughts go to Alfredo, Italian anarchist prisoner: happy birthday!

[Translated by Dark Nights]

Villejuif (Val-de-Marne): Stars through the windows


One morning, while going to water the plants on rue de la RĂ©publique in Villejuif, we noticed that during the night of 08/07 to 09/07, an Algeco Vinci [modular of the construction firm Vinci] had literally all of its front windows smashed.

We suppose that this has to do with Vinci’s involvement in the construction of CRA and prisons.

It’s nice, cheers you up and there are many more waiting it seems.

Kind regards, many kisses

The sprinklers

[Translated by Act for freedom now!]

Source: Anarchistnews.org