December 31, 2020
From Act For Freedom

Attaque: Translated by Act for freedom now!


Saturday 26 December 2020
The same police bring drugs into our areas then “detox” you. Yes, of course..
For those who express their opinions on the internet: We are neither traffickers nor combatants of left-wing armed groups. We are Anarchists.
Left and right, the same shit.
Fire to the police.
From the press: « CCTV videos show that Molotov cocktails were thrown against a police health Centre ». According to sources close to the investigation, firefighters arrived at midnight in the Martín García sector after a fire had been reported at the entrance to the Centre for addiction control. The firefighters’ report states that upon their arrival they « found that the police health Centre, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, had been struck by fire ».