August 1, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        The Protest on the Glasgow Green on Saturday, July 31st. against the avalanche of closures and sell-offs of our public assets, was, I hope, the start of some really angry voices from the citizens of Glasgow. This unprecedented number of closures and sell-offs of our public assets will affect the very fibre of our city, to the detriment of all its citizens and its future citizens. We cannot simple stand by and watch our culture and services being plundered to the benefit of the private corporate world. It’s our city, or it’s the private owners city, we have to decide, and the decision has to be made now, not sometime in the future when we will be denuded of all our public assets. Fighting to get them back will be a lot more difficult that fighting to hold on to them.

Some more photos from the event.

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