March 23, 2021
From Anarchist News

Athens: Multiple barage of attacks by Anarchists ‘Black Storm’

“Disgusted by the apathy and misery of this world, we wandered through the alleys of the rotten web, covered up our fears and anxieties and armed with our anger, we shouted “ATTACK”.

Dead silence, empty streets, people half dead in an apocalyptic landscape.

And lo and behold, the howls of wolves give the password.

The time of revenge has come.”

Dimitris Koufontinas, a revolutionary and member of the 17N revolutionary organization, has been on hunger strike since 8/1, putting his body as a barrier to the vengeful policy of the state and the ND government, simply demanding that the law that was passed exactly for him and provides for his return to Korydallos be respected.

The Secretary General (Anti-Crime Policy) the trash who goes by the name of Sophia Nikolaou, with a forged document claims that Koufontinas passed through Korydallos before being transferred to Domokos. This one, is also responsible for the murders of prisoners by Covid and for the greatest misery of the conditions of detention since the emergence of Covid. So, hand in hand with the government, they are murdering Dimitris Koufontina, under the illusion that their plot will go unanswered, while the diverse solidarity movement in the last two months shows them the opposite.

We say it and we will say it again. Curfews and increased patrols will not stand in the way of our aims. Every city is now an unfortified fortress and our night-time charades are growing in number. Everything is in our sights. Banks, political offices, chain stores, government buildings. And one by one we will demolish them, sabotage them, and burn them, hoping that out of their ashes and wreckage both a new world without a trace of power will be reborn, and we will get rid of the weight of anxiety, fear, guilt and the remnants of patriarchy and the petty bourgeoisie, and by arming our desires we will conquer freedom.

For these and many other reasons we take responsibility for:

– The breaking of the façade and the Piraeus Bank ATM on Kafantari Street in Gouvas

– The breaking of 2 ATMs in Piraeus

– The attack with paint on the offices of the New Democracy Party at Konstantinoupoleos in Keratsini

– The sabotage: 2 ATMs in Patissia, 2 ATMs in Vyronas, 1 ATM in Ymittos, and 4 ATMs in Piraeus.

P.S.: The specific actions and the specific text were carried out before the end of the hunger strike of the political prisoner Dimitris Koufontina. However, for us, the struggle does not end with the end of the hunger strike. We stand in solidarity with his decision and believe that we must avenge his torture for the last 65 days.

We will return.

Black Storm

Source: Athens IMC

Athens: ATM Arson Attack claimed by ‘UNREPENTANT ARSONISTS IN THE WEST’

We take responsibility for the arson of the Alpha Bank ATM in Egaleo on 10/03/2021 on Iera Odos.

This act expresses our solidarity with ALL those accused of the attacks against the uniformed torturers in the events of Nea Smyrna.

Defeat is death, the struggle continues, strength and quick recovery to the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas.



Source: Athens IMC

Thessaloniki: Arson of Municiple Vehicles in Skyes by ‘Anarchists’

The grip is tightening and the pandemic is proving day by day to be more and more one of the most useful tools in the hands of the state. Under the cloak of public health and safety, all the repressive measures that have been pulled out of the dustbins of history that are reminiscent of occupation are being sanctified. Curfews, controls and checks on the slightest movement in the cities and prisons. In the climate of terror that has been set up, the government thought it would thrive on attacking hotbeds of struggle that have been built over the years. With confidence, it orders measures and attacks on structures, struggles and individuals believing that everything is now under its control and that through fear it can run our lives.

Such an attack is the one that is being carried out against the comrade Dimitris Koufontinas. D. Koufontinas started a hunger strike on 8/1 and a thirst strike on 23/2. His request was to be transferred from the prison of Domokos, where he was transferred after the implementation of the photographic law from the prison of Kassaveteia, to the underground cells of the Korydallos prison, specially built for the revolutionary organization 17N. M. Chrysochoidis, who has already been judged for exactly what he is, the worst scoundrel and the most docile instrument of American ambitions, had personally supervised the creation of these democratic dungeons. The slogan “fascist scum-grasshopper Chrysochoidis”,which has been adorning the metropolises in recent weeks, shouted by thousands of people, captures the prevailing climate and gives him a minimal foretaste of the hatred that is overflowing from within us.

D.Koufontinas having ended his hunger strike after 65 days, once again, as he has unrepentantly done all these years, defended his ideas unyieldingly against the background of death. On the other side, the authorities tried tooth and nail to maintain their tough stance and with communicative tricks to hide the extent to which they were hurt by the huge and diverse solidarity movement. However, one should not be shocked by the adamant attitude of power against the spokesman of one of the greatest revolutionary organisations of the post-war period, against the revolutionary who managed with insight, even as a hostage in the hands of the enemy, to sharpen the hostilities, to remind all of us that the war continues and to confirm once again that what he is signalling makes power tremble with fear. So much so that it forces them to strip democracy of its “liberal” mask at any cost.


No matter how much power and its state apparatuses seek to intimidate, silence, defeat, no matter how much they try to pave the road of submission, we will erect burning barricades on it. Because our consciences are sharpened in the streets, side by side. In conspiratorial preparatory talks. In the diffusion of insurgent discourse. In the hotbeds of lawlessness in the metropolitan fabric. In the nightly rendezvous just before the attack. In the flames of burnt cops. In all that follows. The words are slowly dwindling. All that remains of us is to whisper a warning that even now a possible loss of our own will embody your worst nightmare. The responsibilities have long since been shared.

We take responsibility for the arson of three municipal cars in the area of Sykes. Now you will take yours. Mitsotakis government and all kinds of cops, judges, prosecutors, snitches who helped to bring our comrade to this situation, it is your time. Because fear has changed camp. Because we are no longer looking for you, we have found you. Social antipathy is already hitting and it’s only getting worse.

P.S.1 Those who try to rewrite history by depoliticizing the action of the political organization 17N by characterizing D.Koufontina as a “common murderer” are informed that on the one hand they are ridiculed and on the other hand that as long as the multiform anarchist struggle breathes their efforts will fall on deaf ears.

P.S.2 Some media outlets were quick to write tearfully false articles. So we would like to make it clear that it was a conscious political choice: Not to set fire to the disabled vehicles and to choose vehicles that were at a safe distance from the forest. So stop the ridiculousness and communication games of victimisation. We are here to take responsibility for our actions and ONLY THEM. Your little tale is good but there is no dragon.





Source: Athens IMC