October 28, 2020
From PM Press

By Jane Cornwell
The Australian
October 25th, 2020

Ian Brennan is a Grammy-winning music producer who has
produced three other Grammy-nominated albums. He is the author of four
books and has worked with the likes of filmmaker John Waters, Merle
Haggard, and Green Day, among others. His work with international
artists such as the Zomba Prison Project, Tanzania Albinism Collective,
and Khmer Rouge Survivors, has been featured on the front page of the New York Times and on an Emmy-winning 60 Minutes segment
with Anderson Cooper reporting. Since 1993 he has taught violence
prevention and conflict resolution around the world for such prestigious
organizations as the Smithsonian, New York’s New School, Berklee
College of Music, the University of London, the University of
California–Berkeley, and the National Accademia of Science (Rome).

Silenced by Sound: The Music Meritocracy Myth

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