October 22, 2020
From Center For Stateless Society

Joining us today is Aria DiMezzo. Aria is a candidate running for sheriff in Cheshire County in New Hampshire as a Republican. Even though, at first glance, it may seem odd we have a Republican candidate for sheriff on our anarchist show, you’ll soon be able to shed light unto this mystery. Aria is neither your average cop candidate or Republican, she has had a number of encounters with police before that haven’t been positive, she’s a high priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church, a trans woman and an anarchist and she’s definitely not a socially progressive libertarian trying to hijack the Republican Party. Zachary and Aria discuss her decision to run for sheriff, her views on economics, the moral dimensions of property rights, police, criminal justice & religion, as well as some reflections on the complicated relationship between socially progressive left-wing views and the libertarian movement as it currently exists. Sounds interesting? You’re welcome to join us and listen here or on all relevant streaming platforms.

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Source: C4ss.org