January 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       I’m no scientist or medical expert, so what follows is just my personal view based on my own experiences and what I have understood from information freely available to me and to others.


       As an 86 years old I came through a smallpox epidemic in Glasgow, mass vaccination centres popped up across the city and queues formed, I was in one of those queues, thanks to mass vaccination I and Glasgow came through that and now smallpox is not a worry in our city or most cities in the developed world. As a young man I got the polio jab, polio in our country doesn’t seem to be a worry any more. For the past 25 years or more, I have had a flu jab and I have just had my Covid19 jab, and I’m extremely grateful to all those who have the time and skill to administer all of them. As a child I remember most families had a child with measles, diphtheria or some other horrible and often killing disease and lots did died. As one of those children I had diphtheria, it destroyed one eardrum and damaged the other, I was one of the lucky ones, where is diphtheria now? I’m now lover of the state, an anarchist since my apprenticeship in the Clyde shipyards, I’m not blind to the benefits and the dangers of science, but this band of anti-vac people seem only to see the dangers in science and are blind to the benefits. Produce your proof before you shout your mantra, you are playing with people’s lives. 

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