November 19, 2020
From Indymedia DC (USA)

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Demonstration in front of the White House to protest the latest US aerial assault and demand: NO MORE U.S. TROOPS TO IRAQ OR THE MIDDLE EAST! and U.S. OUT OF IRAQ NOW! NO WAR/NO SANCTIONS ON IRAN!


  • 00:00:16 Co-MC Sean Blackmon, ANSWER Coalition
  • 00:02:19 Co-MC Leo Flores, Code Pink
  • 00:04:00 Yasemin Zahra, US Labor Against the War
  • 00:09:32 Brian Becker, National Director of the ANSWER Coalition
  • 00:12:55 Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Partnership for Civil Justice Fund
  • 00:19:05 Actor and Activist Jane Fonda
  • 00:21:43 Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance
  • 00:27:18 Hajira Asghar, George Washington University, Students Against Imperialism
  • 00:31:11 Paul Pumphrey, Friends of the Congo
  • 00:35:11 Leila Zand, CODEPINK
  • 00:37:09 Hassan El-Tayyab, Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • 00:40:02 Rebecca Bonhomme, Pan African Community Action
  • 00:43:44 Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone
  • 00:47:38 Anya Parampil, The Grayzone