December 1, 2021
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

If it moves – Picket! Members of the UCU, including Bristol UCU at Bristol University, are on strike from 1-3 December, as part of an (almost) national strike.
The long list of the picket line locations for Wednesday 1st December are here, check Bristol UCU on twitter for daily picket line updates & news!

Strike news & info for members on strike can be found here. Not a member of the UCU? If you are a student, a fellow worker, or conscious member of your local community – support the strike, visit the picket line & shout out/beep your horn/ring your bell. Then later…think – how can we organise in our workplace and/or community to fight back and defend jobs, services & working terms and conditions?

What’s it all about?
UCU members are striking in relation to 2 separate disputes – see this UCU FAQ. One is in relation to pensions, whilst the other is also known as the ‘Four Fights‘ – see image below and also this pdf: ucu_four-fights-explainer.

Meanwhile the Bristol Uni staff & students solidarity group – @bristolucusolidarity – have organised some Teach-Outs, for UCU members, students, and public supporters alike. Something to do after the pickets!

Remember folks – never, ever, cross a picket line! Solidarity is the key to victory!

(image credits – UCU & @rentstrikebris)