December 9, 2020
From Idavox

92-year-old German Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck couldn’t stay out a month before she pulled that stunt again – which is illegal in Germany.

BERLIN, GERMANY – Ursula Haverbeck still maintains the Nazi beliefs she has held since the Nazis were in power, but these days such beliefs are grounds for imprisonment, which she has experiences countless times over the past five years alone for denying the Holocaust, which is considered sedition in Germany. Just one months after the 92-year-old hatemonger was released after two years from prison on the latest charge, she was again found guilty on yet another of sedition and sentenced to one year imprisonment.

According to news reports, Haverbeck’s latest charge stems from an interview she gave in March 2018 to anti-Semitic video blogger Nikolai Nerling where she denied the events of the Holocaust.

Haverbeck had become particularly known for rhetoric landing her in prison in recent years, such as often making the claim that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp and no mass murders were committed there. She was fined in 2004, but eventually she began to see jail time. She has just finished a 2 œ year sentence in November and had only been free for a few weeks before this latest conviction, and she has other such legal entanglements pending that could possibly keep her in prison for yet another year and a half.

Supporters on the right decried her imprisonment online, some noting that she might be the oldest female inmate on record. The Proud Boys on their “Proud Boys Uncensored” Telegram channel, which despite the group’s declaration that they are not a racist or white supremacist group, has been rife with neo-Nazi messages, defended Haverbeck based on her right to deny the Holocaust. “Why is it that everything in history is open to scrutiny EXCEPT for the holocaust?” The post read. “In fact there are many places where questioning any aspect of it will result in your life being destroyed and charges leveled against you.  If you believe someone should be put in jail or reprimanded at all for questioning historical events, YOU are the problem.”

Sixteen European countries and Israel have laws against Holocaust denial.