March 10, 2021
From Act For Freedom

From 5pm a diverse crowd of people of all ages, many young, started to arrive for the demonstration called for 6pm against indiscriminate police violence against people in the squares. For the first time there was unity among people, some of whom normally share no common ground, but here anger was overflowing against the same enemy: the offspring of the much-hated DELTA and other mobile cop forces. The presence of the anarchists, antiauthoritarians and autonomists was massive and it was their banners and slogans that set the tone.
The square filled up, thousands came (at least 7,000) and spilled over into the surrounding streets, anger spurring them towards the police station where some launched a massive attack on the cops. Heavy clashes followed, the cops fled, abandoning one of their own to the people’s rage and only later did they gain control through the use of chemicals against the crowd.
What happened that day was the first taste of what is to come: a mass uprising against the police State.