May 13, 2021
From The Free


The Israeli war criminal Netanyahu has done the unprecedented and unleashed herds of hundreds of armed Israeli Jewish terrorists from the settlers in occupied Palestine against the unarmed Palestinians in the Palestinian cities occupied by Israel in 1948, he’s seeking bloodshed on the streets en masse just to remain in power and avoid going to prison for the charges of corruption he’s convicted of.

The Israeli Jewish terrorist settlers immediately started attacking Palestinians on the streets and stormed their homes in Haifa, Al-Lod, Umm Al-Fahem, Issawayeh, and other cities and towns. The Israeli terrorists are lynching the unarmed Palestinians they find on the streets, torch and vandalize Palestinian cars and shops, and then started storming the houses of the Palestinians and lynching the men inside, all of this while protected by so-called ‘Israeli Police’ and members of the IDF terrorist organization.

Ethnic cleansing and displacing the rest of the Palestinians…

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