May 18, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

Network of Pasig Community Pantry Organizer

Etniko Bandido Infoshop

In one month of Community Pantry Mutual Aid initiatives, we proudly created a bond and a network of community Pantry organizer here in the municipality of Pasig dedicated to support their communities in this time of Pandemic crisis. A friendship bloom in times of despair. Love, compassion and empathy became a common ground element to connect diverse individuals.

A network of selfless individuals organizing themselves autonomously and critical with the government interference. A people who believe that taking care of each other is a necessity.Community Pantry created a movement that showed different possibilities for a future imagined communities. A community that will take matters with their own hands rather than waiting for someone to help them. This will be an opening for a much more community-centered project that is plan, initiated, facilitate, organize by the community themselves.

Power to the community. Decentralized. Direct Democracy. Politics from below.

No to opportunist.

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