Yes folks
they are finally here!

Our latest stickers (in 5 glorious, glossy designs) to help you spread the good news of class war and overthrowing capitalism in your area, are available for purchase from us.

The slogans we have are:

No Landlords! No Bosses!

Capitalism is the Virus

Join Us

Anarchism is the Future. Build it Now.

Capitalism is Killing the Planet

So how much would you expect to pay for these? You pay just $5 for 10 stickers. Yes that’s right for just the low, low price of $5 for 10 stickers, you too can brighten up even the most drab surroundings. And if you are among the first to order you still wont get a bonus set of steak knives, you’ll get some stickers. So what are you waiting for
get some now!

But wait thats not all
that price actually includes post and packaging!

So what are you waiting for
contact us to get your part of history in the making:

Email – awsm@riseup.net

Twitter – @_aotearoawsm

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AotearoaWSM/

Bank Account-  AWSM Plus 38-9020-0511730-00

Source: Awsm.nz