September 17, 2021
From Radical Guide

The Seeing Our Native Students course is a tool that bridges the knowledge gaps between Native and non-Native peoples. The guide addresses the issue of cultural erasure of Native peoples and provides basic background information for non-Natives who want to better understand Native identity.

Native students share a unique historical, political, and economic context that can make school an especially complicated experience. In this course, we explore this context in-depth and provide research-backed ways to improve the learning experience for your Native students and their families.

This project was a collaborative effort between Four Winds of Indian Education and the Redbud Resource Group.  Support for this project was provided in part by the NeeSimPom College and Readiness NYCP Grant.

A Radical Guide is offering it, in partnership with Redbud Resource Group.   Enroll today!

The goals of Four Winds of Indian Education are to improve the academic achievement of American Indian students with particular emphasis on reading and mathematics and improve self-concepts of American Indian students and adults.

Redbud Resource Group helps organizations, institutions, and employers become valued partners with Native peoples and their communities. Our programs utilize public health and education research to empower change by filling knowledge gaps and improve outcomes for communities experiencing chronic disparities.