July 1, 2021
From Idavox

Two more from New York, the state with the fourth most arrestees from the insurrection!

Gabriel Morgan Brown, a Long Island vlogger and a longtime associate of neo-Fascists in the New York City area like the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (NATA) and the Proud Boys, and Zvonimir Joseph Jurlina another vlogger who has lived Long Island who posted videos under the name “Zykotik”, were arrested and charged for their roles in the trashing of media equipment during the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, both videotaping their antics at the time.

According to court documents, Brown, 38,  was arrested in his hometown of Bayville, New York and charged with destruction or injury to buildings or property in Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction, Restricted Building or Grounds, Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds and an Act of Violence on the U.S. Capitol Grounds. Law enforcement officials say he kicked and stomped on media equipment that belonged to media outlets, verbally encouraging others to steal and destroy it. Video that Brown shot himself and posted to his YouTube channel had been used to determine his participation in the incident. At one point, he and Jurlina were recording each other as they destroyed and stole equipment. Jurlina, who is from Farmington, New York but also has lived in Bethpage, Long Island, also began to pantomime interviewing people with a microphone from the was German-based media outlet ZDF that he called his “souvenir” from the scene. He is charged with destruction of property in special maritime and territorial jurisdiction and aiding and abetting and committing an act of Physical Violence on Grounds.

In longer videos posted by Jurlina on Jan. 6, he was walking with Jared L. “Woozah” Noble, an associate of the White supremacist Groypers who was wearing as a cape the America First flag promoting neo-Fascist, holocaust denier and Groyper leader Nick Fuentes’ podcast earlier that morning prior to approaching the U.S. Capitol. As they walked into a store with a large number of Black patrons, he and others kept repeating that they “can’t relax”, a possible reference to an old cartoon from White Aryan Resistance that is passed around as a meme online that reads “Around Blacks, never relax.”

They start in on the ‘can’t relax’ thing at 3:52

On Monday, Noble announced online that Jurlina was arrested while livestreaming in Austin, Texas, which seems to have been a stop on a van trip that they were promoting as a part of what they called “White Boy Summer”. Video shot prior to his arrest shows Jurlina shouting racial slurs and other insults at passers-by and the video of himself getting arrested ends with him screaming the N-word repeatedly as well as anti-gay slurs while seemingly police off camera say, “Yeah, he’s going bye-bye.” On Tuesday, a federal magistrate judge released Jurlina under supervision, but he was ordered to turn over his passport to pretrial services and is prohibited from owning firearms while awaiting trial. While the judge’s order allowed him to drive home to Farmington, he signed his address as Bethpage, which is 354 miles away.

Gabriel Brown and Zvonimir Jurlina share a moment at 5:10.

At the time of this posting, 545 persons have been arrested in connection with the insurrection. New York State as a whole has the fourth most cases of any state, trailing only Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania.

Source: Idavox.com