March 4, 2021
From Idavox

Proud Boy Kyle Boell. Not so proud now, are ya, boy?

Remember how we once said that it was perfect that it was apt that the Philadelphia Proud Boys were in the Keystone State as they were the Keystone Kops of the Proud Boys? Exhibit A.

PHILADELPHIA (March 4, 2021) — The District Attorney’s Office (DAO) on Thursday announced Kyle Boell (DOB: 4/22/1980) of Philadelphia has been arrested and charged for harassment and online threats made against a woman in late 2020.

A self-described member of the Proud Boys, a right-wing extremist group, Boell is alleged to have used the Twitter account @TATTEDASSHOLE80 to send harassing messages and threats to the woman from November 8, 2020, through November 15, 2020. Boell is alleged to have sent dozens of harassing messages regarding the woman’s weight and appearance, and made explicit references to sexual activity and intimate body parts.

Boell sent the woman threatening messages such as the following:

  • “Walked all threw Philly tonight u fat bitch I took a piss on ur book store on south st. Antifa is done in Philly fuck around u fat bitch and u will find out. Go report me call the cops. Fuck u im a ghost. U and [redacted] r done in Philly pack ur bag CUNT. This is us the xl goon or chud. Proud boy out. [sic]”
  • “was really nice meeting u last night glad u got to meet some of the PHILLY-CHAPTEROF THE PROUD BOYS [sic]”
  • “Hopefully ill c u and u fupa later today. [sic]”

The DAO has charged Boell with Terroristic Threats (M1) and Harassment (M3).

“The actions alleged here are abusive, vile, and dangerous. Like all bullies, Kyle Boell is basically a coward who was afraid to use his real name and sent his disgusting messages to a woman while hiding behind the moniker ‘TattedAsshole80,’” First Assistant District Attorney Judge Carolyn Temin said. “Our office will hold Boell accountable for his crimes, as we do in all crimes that target vulnerable people. Women deserve to live their lives freely and to speak their values boldly without fear of harassment, threats, or violence.”

Judge Temin continued: “The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is proud to hold bullies who cross the line into criminality accountable. We also continue to monitor threats from extremist groups including the Proud Boys, who according to federal authorities were complicit in the deadly January 6th siege of the Capitol and continue to present heightened challenges to law enforcement.”