September 11, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

French article initially found on Indymedia Lille.

Owls from here or elsewhere, we swung into the dark night.
We followed the tracks of the fox and the roedeer, smelled the early autumn air, lept under the stars in the alpine mountains and rushed onto installations of the company Poma to take revenge for its contribution to the CIGEO nuclear waste burial project!
We chose to target Poma cableways in stations in the Alps.
Poma the virtuous, queen of soft mobility and mass tourism, we unmasked you!
Clic goes the key!
Cric crac the first nut!
Cric crac the counter-nut!
Clac the washer!
And the antinuclear night birds sing
« Poma, go bury yourself ! »