November 23, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Times are hard – a pandemic and prospect of a no deal Brexit means jobs have been lost, income has been hit and, sadly as ever, often to the most vulnerable in society. ACORN Bristol, the community union, has been involved in a range of campaigns locally to help people. Now they need our help to help others. They are trying to crowdfund 3K (and are 2K in!) to fight any winter COVID evictions;

So far during this pandemic the government has failed to provide any meaningful support for renters, refused to legislate to prevent an upcoming tidal wave of evictions, and most recently voted to let some of the poorest kids in our communities go hungry. We’re all angry and we’re all fed up; but we know where the power truly lies – with us and those in our community who are ready to stand up and fight back!

If you can bung a few quid in the pot, you can do so here.