March 5, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


          The following article will be seen by many as good news, as indeed it is, but we should not be fooled into thinking that we can gain a fair and just world through the courts of law as they stand, we should not forget that they are inexorably linked to the police and the state and are no friend of the people. After all they are part and parcel of this unequal society and have a vested interest in keeping a hierarchical system where power lies in their hands and they hold a privileged position in that society. They would certainly draw the line at a horizontalist system where they hold no power, privileges or considerable wealth.
       We can only seek freedom and justice outside a system built on, and that relies on, power and wealth, and the privileges grabbed by these conditions.Never the less it is great news that an climate activist has been freed to carry on her fight against this ecologically disastrous system of profit privileges and greed.  Thanks Keith for the link.       

The following from World Review:

         A court ruling in India has delivered an urgent message this week – not just for their country’s own government, but for the world: “In my considered opinion, citizens are conscience keepers of government in any democratic nation,” said the judge. “The offence of sedition cannot be invoked to minister to the wounded vanity of the governments.”
       With these words, the judge released on bail the 22-year-old Indian climate activist, Disha Ravi. Her alleged offence? Editing and sharing an online “toolkit” which advised fellow activists on how to support the country’s farmers’ protests’.
       The protests, which farmers argue are necessary to defend their livelihoods in the face of new laws, have rocked the nation since last summer – becoming a symbol of wider revolt against both deregulated capitalism and state oppression, as Ravinder Kaur has written.
       Ravi’s post was consequently widely shared, including by the Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg. Yet the kickback to the toolkit was also swift: within hours, the hashtag #GretaThunbergExposed was circulating on Twitter, implying the climate campaigner was part of an international conspiracy against India.
       Effigies of Thunberg and other supportive international celebrities were burned in the streets, President Narendra Modi later appeared to echo the sentiment, claiming that some “foreign powers” were engaged in systematic efforts to “malign” the image of Indian tea, while the Delhi police alleged that Ravi was part of a global conspiracy to defame India and stir unrest.
       This week’s court ruling has attempted to squash these dangerous claims: “The freedom of speech and expression include the right to seek a global audience,” added the judge. 

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