May 3, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

       Now that the covid19 beast has been somewhat restrained, our millionaire/billionaire parasite class want you run into the street, credit card held high, cash in the other hand and shouting yipee. The only group that came out of this pandemic better off than they went in, are our sleazy millionaire/billionaire parasites. They cleaned up with government grants and lucrative government contracts, while the rest of us felt the harsh end of this situation. They are now eager that the loot keeps coming their way, so their hope is that you get out there and get those tills ringing like mad.


       Let’s look at what you and I have been facing, during covid19 while the millionaire/billionaire parasites raked it in, in bucketfuls. Approximately one million people have lost their jobs as a result of Covid19, with that figure likely to double. Fire-and-rehire has meant that almost 1 in 10 workers have been forced to accept the same job with worse conditions and pay or lose their job. Between April 2019 and April 2020, the real value of average earnings fell by almost 1%. Those who were obliged to continue working saw 10s of thousands contract Covid19 and many died.
      All of this and more from a pre-covid19 lousy base line. Pre-Covid19 a staggering 5+ million workers earned less than the Real Living Wage of £9.30 an hour. More than 8 million people in working households were living in poverty. Of course having a job could mean you lived in poverty but also of those in work, approximately 1 million were on zero hours contracts, more than 3 and a half million were in insecure employment.

 Obviously the figures have grown since 2016.
     So let’s not be so eager to run out there and feed the parasite class, who have shafted us for years. Let’s continue with mutual aid, self-help and DIY clubs, etc. and make them grow, Let’s take control of our communities and work places and shape society for the benefit of all our people, let’s scrap their “economy”, after all it is just the rich parasites gambling club, and is not there for the benefit of the population at large.