November 23, 2020
From IWW New Jersey (USA)

August 1st, 2020

Northern New Jersey IWW General Membership Branch
P.O. Box 762
Paterson, NJ 07543

For Immediate Release:

The Northern New Jersey IWW General
Membership Branch (NNJ IWW) supports the Movement for Black Lives. We
view the uprisings, protests, marches, gatherings, vigils and
occupations as a justifiable response to the unjust systems of
oppression and policing that put Black, Indigenous and People of Color
(BIPOC) in harm’s way at all times. We support the demands and feelings
of the leaders and individuals of the Movement for Black Lives and
demand abolition of police and an end of the carceral system in New
Jersey, The United States of America, and globally.

that facilitate collective bargaining in the workplace have a duty to
demand the safety of all workers within and outside of the workplace,
and must recognize that the safety of BIPOC is at a higher risk due to
the white supremecist nature of capitalism and the policing system that
it formed to protect itself. We call on all working class organizations
to leverage any power they have to prioritize the safety of BlPOC.

  • The
    NNJ IWW supports any worker who chooses to identify as a supporter of
    the Movement for Black Lives and demands protection from retaliation
    that may occur regarding their employment or job place treatment in
    response to that choice.
  • The NNJ IWW supports any worker who takes action to refuse labor of any capacity that assists police or the prison industry.
  • The NNJ IWW supports the demands of #8toAbolition.
  • The NNJ IWW supports the abolition of prisons in NJ, USA and globally.
  • The NNJ IWW demands the abolition of Police Unions and the expulsion of police from unions who represent them.
  • The NNJ IWW is dedicated to eradicating global anti blackness.

The NNJ IWW aims to focus our community and workplace organizing in the BIPOC community in order to create a movement that is intersectional, resilient and able to make material gains for marginalized members of the working class. The NNJ IWW is an anti-racist, pro working class organization and as such we understand that anti-blackness within organizing spaces is antithetical to our goal of freedom for all working class people. An injury to one is an injury to all.