November 23, 2020
From IWW New Jersey (USA)

Our union members have voted unanimously to endorse the Climate Strike on December 6th, 2019. We will strike alongside the North Jersey Climate Coalition in solidarity. United, our message will be amplified throughout Peter Francisco Park, throughout Newark, throughout the entire state of New Jersey. 

    We believe that we can abolish wage slavery while living in harmony with the Earth. We know that for workers to be able to organize they require the basic necessities of safe drinking water, clean air, and shelter from the ravages of climate change. 

    The 21st century calls for organized labor to unite with those fighting for a greener, sustainable planet. Labor unions cannot sit idly by as the world slips further into the grips of climate collapse and eco-fascism. We must take a grassroots, rank-and-file approach to saving our planet. The luxury of time on this imminent danger has long been spent. Those in labor who do not heed warning do so at the expense of our planet’s survival.