November 23, 2020
From IWW New Jersey (USA)

COVID-19 has ripped through our state, the nation, and the world. The government sits idly by as the working class is decimated by the virus. Thousands of essential workers are getting sick and dying everyday. 

Meanwhile, the capitalist parasites are clamoring for businesses to get restarted and open up. There are politicians and CEOs calling for us to literally die for the economy. They want us to sacrifice our grandparents, neighbors, friends to COVID-19 in order for them to make profit off our labor. Landlords are still trying to collect rent from laid-off workers and threatening eviction with no rent relief in sight from local governments. They all totally ignore every epidemiologist, doctor, and nurse saying this would be catastrophic. The mask of capitalism has fully been taken off to reveal its true identity as a death cult. 

Our lives have value. We refuse to go back to work and get sick while the bosses and landlords hole up in their mansions and bunkers. That is why our branch has unanimously voted to endorse the General Strike on May 1st, 2020. 

We are aware that general strikes have been called frequently throughout the years with little to no organizing behind them. This time feels different. We are seeing a strike wave breakout across the nation and beyond. We are seeing the forces of capital getting increasingly desperate. We are seeing people refuse to return to the wage slavery and neoliberal rot that existed prior to this pandemic. The working class is agitated to a boiling point. The strike is all we have left to save ourselves from being forced back to work. We call on you all to withhold your labor this May Day. Spread the word.