March 31, 2021
From It's Going Down

Statement from the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and Outlive Them NYC on Day of the Young Combatant.

From the belly of the empire, we, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement and Outlive Them NYC, send insurgent greetings to our worldwide family, and a raised-fist salute to our sisters, our brothers, and especially to those in captivity.

Yesterday, March 29, abolitionist and anti-fascists in New York City joined in militant commemorations of the International Day of the Young Combatant, in memory of the brothers Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo and of the compañera Paulina Aguirre of Chile, who fell at the hands of Pinochet’s secret police on this day in 1985. The nighttime actions were a tribute to martyred freedom fighters everywhere, especially those, like Jonathan Jackson and the Soledad Brothers, who have fallen in the fight for Black and Brown liberation since 1970.

As the brothers Toledo, Paulina Aguirre, Jonathan Jackson, and the Soledad Brothers taught us years ago, it is the Young Combatant who makes history. The youth have the power to abolish the police, to spearhead our revolutionary momentum. We follow the guts and determination of the Black Panthers and [Black Liberation Army] and the insurgent hearts of the youth of the George Floyd Uprising.

This is only the opening salvo in a spring of popular struggle. We will not stop until total liberation.

To that end we call on our revolutionary family to join us in actions in the streets of your cities, with our eyes trained on local prisons or concentration camps, on these days:

March 30 – Annual Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance (in Honor of Youm al-Ard)

April 19 – International Day of the Jewish Partisan: Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

May 1 – May Day – International Day of the Rebel Worker

May 26 – 30 – Days of the Black Insurgent: Anniversary of the George Floyd Rebellion

August 21 – September 9 – Shut ’Em Down! Days of Protest and Strike in the Spirit of Abolition

For our dead and disappeared, not a moment of silence, but a lifetime of struggle!

Martyrs Are Immortal!

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States.

Outlive Them (OLT) is a network of anti-fascist Jews organizing to defend all of our communities from those who would exterminate us.

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