November 28, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        I find it odd that on the main, the anarchist groupings have fallen in line with the state’s dictate of isolation, separation, wait for further orders from the state before you decide how to live your life. Yes I am aware that we are still in a pandemic and have been for approximately two years, but was there really no alternative? No possibility of communities organising to protect themselves and in co-operation with other communities in a manner deemed best for them? Did it have to a state decision which in lots of instances was based on political ideology rather than medical expertise. The state will always have priorities that don’t put the well-being of the people first, but somehow it convinced us to obey and to show solidarity with the state and its agenda. The state will always seek ways to control the population, our acceptance of its dictates in this case of the pandemic and our submissiveness gave the state an open door and straight road for population control, and they have seized it with both hands and vigour. Despite what we might be fed, this was and is a medical emergency, so why did we allow the politicians to be the main controllers of the decisions?

The following is an extract from an article in Act For Freedom Now:

         While “we” stay #home, the state offers the only alternative out of the lock-down, managing the situation and organizing the “solidarity”, with “our” tacit consent. Since when has delegating – especially to the state – been part of the anarchist toolbox? The gap left by the “radical left” in not criticizing and opposing the state measures is now mostly filled by fascist and other reactionary bullshit propaganda.
         In this context, the question arises for us whether people in the circles of the “radical left” are aware of the real consequences of the often used slogans? “Against capitalism” “Against the authorities” “for a self-organized and self-determined life” (for some also “destruction of state, borders, prisons”). Are these things that people want to fight for and stand by, whatever happens? Or are they empty words that look cool on stickers or t-shirts and are just a required part of a subculture?
         Because dear people, the struggle for another world, a revolution or revolutionary moments, in real life, will probably be so beautiful and full of emotions, but also full of suffering, difficult moments, losses, and will force us out of our comfort zones. Making the proposal to #Stayathome or to isolate ourselves and rely on the measures prescribed by the state, in our opinion, is not a good start if we want to learn how to struggle, live a self-determined and self-organized life and how to support each other in “times of crisis”.