March 5, 2021
From Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Our friends at Burning Books is selling this amazing grab bag of DVDs and CDs for just $20 that will benefit the release funds of long-time political prisoners. Support them if you can!

Are you a Luddite, fearful of the technocratic evils of streaming, desperately clinging to the good ole days of shiny Digital Video Discs and Compact Discs? If so, these limited Obsolete Media Grab Bags are just for you! For $20, you receive at least 2 DVDs and 2 CDs that have been staunchly occupying otherwise useful shelf space here at Burning Books! We’ve got less than 2 dozen, so get them while you can.

100% of sales from these grab bags go towards helping newly released long-term political prisoners. Finally, you can support our allies in the struggle while simultaneously indulging in a mystery package of these surprise relics! You’ve been waiting a long time for this, we know, so order now (and figure out if your player still works later).